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My name is Natalia Pulido, I’m a 3d artist based in Madrid currently working as a freelancer artist.
Nine years ago I started a degree in 3D digital design, animation & VFX, since then I have never stopped working, learning new tools, workflows and techniques.

As an artist I am involved in all aspects of 3D, from modelling, rigging, texturing, animation, shading and compositing. Although I’m considered a 3D generalist, I’ve found my passions leaning towards environment modelling, lighting, rendering and compositing.

In life, I’ve always known that I needed a challenge and I would never want to stop learning and avoiding the “comfort zone”, I think there’s always more that you can improve, that you can do to achieve a better result. So, keep moving forward!

For a complete list of skills please download my CV.

Thank you so much for your time reading about me and viewing my portfolio!